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LAN Transformers
Filtered RJ45 Connecter
Broad Band Transformers
Comunication Transformers
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HP4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance
Analyzer (up to 500MHz)

Zentech 705 IR Tester
HP4284A Precision LCR Meter Zentech 3250 Automatic Transformer Tester
P1PA Audio Precision Tester Zentech 9071A Hipot Tester
Top class production and test equipments
As a professional magnetic component manufacturer, MHPC has been equipped with a number of advanced and high value professional production and testing equipments in total of 140 sets, Such equipments include digital-control winder, Automatic soldering machine, UV curing machine, Ultrasonic cleaner, HP4395A network analyzer, HP4284A Precision LCR meter, PIPA Precision Audio Analyzer,coplanarity tester etc.

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