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Shenzhen Magcom Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in magnetic components design, production, sales business.Professional R & D, production and sales network transformers,communication transformer , filter inductor magnetic components.products are widely used in notebook computers, communications equipment broadband xDSL (VDSL, ADSL, ADSL+.ADSL++), cable modems (Cable Modem).network switches (Switch), Hub (Hub), the network interface card (NIC).Fiber Optic Transmission (Fiber Chanel) system, SDH systems, the VoIP telephone system,Power Line Internet equipment (POE), voice equipment, IP TV STB (IP-STB), power and other fields.

The company has strong technical forces, advanced production equipment and precision measuring equipment,For example, HP4395A network analyzer, the HP4284A precision LCR tester.PIPA sophisticated audio analysis, etc.ISO9001-2000 quality system to follow company standards, "for standardizationQPL International, "the concept to ensure that the products with excellent quality and reasonable priceaccurate delivery and quality of services to meet customer demand at home and abroad.

The company currently markets products from mainland China have been extended to the United States, Taiwan, Japan and Europe.Chinese mainland and Hong Kong respectively in the domestic business and international business.


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